About Francesca Muir

by Francesca Muir 55 months ago
Road to Bali!
My desk in the sun on Santorini!

English, French, born in East Africa - a heritage which has given my peripatetic nature an even greater desire to travel!

Like a cat I have had a number of lives - a dancer; a political wife; journalist; radio presenter (I had the only English-speaking program on the island of Crete and beyond, depending on the way the winds blew on any particular day!); freelance photographer; publicist; scriptwriter, director and choreographer of childrens' theatre; events co-ordinator; ex-pat; mother and passionate Grecophile. The one life which has given me the most joy was living in eastern Crete for a number of years from the late 1980s.

I now live to breathe Mediterranean air peppered with wild thyme and oregano; swim in azure seas and bathe in that Greek light which has mesmerized so many for so long.

I dream of living the life of a lotus-eater on an island steeped in aeons of tradition - of a simple life, amongst people with a deep connection to the ancient land, sea and air around them.

Today I Iive in Sydney, Australia which is good as it allows me to work, study and play as I prepare for my life tomorrow!

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