Bravo Your City is a publishing marketplace for everyday experts and freelance professionals to create their own Microguides. Global readers can learn about cities and neighborhoods around the world through BYC's free travel and lifestyle Microguide collection.

Join our team of international contributors by producing Microguides for your city. Select Microguides are released in the free-to-download BYC travel collection for Amazon Kindle, Apple iBooks, and our upcoming BYC mobile app. We share 50% of Microguide profits with our contributors because our social mission is for freelancers to get paid!

The simple submission parameters for each story is 1-5 photos and 1-500 words. Submit original stories about the spirit of your city and travels: food, shops, design, people, nature or anything meaningful to you. Your stories are approved or declined with comments by BYC's in-house editors to ensure high quality writing and photography. Style edits are kept to a minimum because we want to publish your personal voice. Edits are mainly for grammar, punctuation, and spelling. After you curate and submit your Microguide, BYC editors publish them to the homepage and export excellent ones to Amazon Kindle and Apple iBooks.

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