What is Bravo Your City?

BYC is a user-generated travel and lifestyle magazine marketplace. We professionally publish written and visual content from anyone who wants to submit a story. Our rich content is created by everyday global people, who curate their own digital magazines featuring a collection of neighborhood, city, or niche stories in Microguides. BYC's story submission guidelines of 1-5 photos and 1-500 words make it easy to make your own Microguides.

What is your social mission?

Our social mission is to create freelance jobs and grow a community of readers who can connect with local contributors in a globally far-reaching way. We pay global people 50% of the profit from their BYC stories in Microguides that have brought in revenue through advertising sales. Traditional journalism and magazine market landscapes have changed greatly with the deluge of free online content and decline in printed publications. More and more professional photographers and writers have been displaced and are having a hard time making a living applying their skills. BYC wants to help change this by creating a valuable publishing marketplace for freelancers to earn 50% profit sharing from their Microguides.

What is your artistic mission?

Our artistic mission is to create a marketplace where people who write and photograph well can create content more useful and innovative than just a blog or website. We want to give writers and photographers an easy but professionally edited format to get their branded and beautifully designed digital magazines into online stores while earning profit from their efforts.

What is a Microguide?

A Microguide is a user-curated collection of stories that have been approved by BYC editors. These can be seen on our homepage, Amazon Kindle, Apple iBooks, and our upcoming BYC reading app. A Microguide can have stories from just a single contributor or a group of contributors.

What is the difference between an open and closed Microguide?

Contributors who curate a Microguide can choose to have their Microguide open or closed. Open means the BYC curator allows others to contribute stories to the Microguide. Closed means you are the single contributor in the Microguide you started. Here are two samples of a closed Microguide by Randy F, and an open Microguide that Lauren Solomon has started.

Why is it called Bravo Your City?

It's a little wink to Bravo Your Life! -- the travel essay/memoir book the founder MiSoon Burzlaff wrote before she started BYC. Check it out please if you get a chance. It's a fun and funny book about life, family and friendship that just happens to take place in Seoul.

How can I contact BYC?

Send us an e-mail at

What is your Facebook policy?

If you sign in via Facebook, your private information is kept private. After choosing your user name and a one time Facebook initiation, all you have to do is click on the FB icon on your primary devices to be logged into BYC. There is no need to type in a password after this one time Facebook initiation as we know who you are through Facebook.

If I have logged in via Facebook, will my friends see everything I read on Bravo Your City!?

You can browse BYC via Facebook, clicking and reading stories anonymously, BUT if you click on our "Bravo" icon for an individual story, it will go to your Facebook Timeline that you "Bravoed" that story on BYC!

Do I have to register with BYC to use your site?

No. Anyone can read stories and Microguides without being signed in. If you want to submit a story, you will need to register with us, so we can communicate about your stories with you.


How can I become a contributing writer or photographer?

All you have to do is register and click on "Share Your City" or "Create." Remember our submission guidelines for each story is 1-5 photos and 1-500 words. After you submit a story, our editorial team will either approve it with no changes (or minimal ones); decline it with comments, encouraging you to resubmit the piece after you work on it more; or delete it if that seems like the best idea.

How do I make a Microguide?

Learn about it here!

Do you own my stories I submit?

No. When you submit a story to BYC, you license it to us, but you still retain your copyright and can use it for your blog or other purposes. Please make sure you only submit content that you created.

How difficult is it to get a story published?

As long as your story is written well and photographs are of high quality, your story will most likely be published. The biggest reason stories are declined is because of photo quality, so please try your best to submit clean and crisp photos. The minimum photo size should be 600 x 800.

Do I need to live in the city or area of the city I submit about?

No. We do encourage you to submit the most about what you know. It makes sense that you'd contribute stories about where you live, but if you travel often, want to cover stories in your hometown, or places you used to live, we'd love to receive those submissions. We encourage all submissions to reflect your lifestyle.

What kind of stories are you looking to publish?

BYC wants to publish any story that you think is interesting. We like traditional travel features, restaurant reviews, fashion/art/design content, but we also want human interest and lifestyle stories. We've even published some poetry and would love to feature more poems on BYC! The options are endless, and you can be very creative. The stories can be photo heavy with very little text or vice versa.

What kind of cities do you want content for?

We want places you think need to be on the BYC map. Of course, we want all the glossy cosmopolitan cities, but we also want BYC to be a resource for what's going on in small towns (like in Napa City or upstate New York) or mid-sized cities you might not think people are interested in. Travelers do find themselves in Cleveland, Little Rock, Minneapolis, Sacramento, Narita, Incheon, Lyon, Cornwall, San Jose, Sayulita, etc and they will want to use BYC to learn about these under-the-radar locations.

What are tags?

Tags help us lead readers to your stories or your profile. It's another way of saying categories that apply to your story.

How should I tag my story?

When you submit the story, add as many tags as you would like that help us categorize your story. For example, if you are writing about a Japanese restaurant in the San Francisco Mission neighborhood that specializes in ramen and is a very cozy spot, perfect to bring a date, you would tag your story: food, Japanese, ramen, noodles, restaurant, dates, romantic, etc. The location is tagged when you add the address and neighborhood.

How should I tag my bio?

When you fill out your bio, tag your interests. This will help lead other BYC readers to your profile and your stories that have been published.

Do you pay contributors for content that gets published to BYC?

Yes! We 50% profit share from our Microguides that have front and back ad spreads in them. When your stories have been published in a Microguide that sells advertising, we will contact you to send your share of the profits. If the Microguide has ten stories, and you have one of the stories, then we will send you 10% of the profit that the contributors from that Microguide earned.

Do I need to be a professional writer or photographer to submit stories to BYC?

No. BYC is all about inclusivity, and past professional work is not required to be published on our website or to be curated into BYC Microguides.