What is Bravo Your City?

Bravo Your City is a marketplace for stories to get published and discovered.

Submit original, authentic stories about the spirit of your city: the food, people, fashion, community, nature, or anything that excites you. Build up a portfolio of writing and get discovered by like-minded readers and publishers who come to BYC to browse, read, and buy stories about your city and travels. 

You can also write about yourself or your business: Are you in a band with gigs this month? Does your restaurant have a special cocktail menu? Share some "insider" information, and build your brand!

If you are a publisher interested in purchasing the rights to republish BYC stories, please inquire here.


Step 1. Create a story with 1-5 photos and 1-500 words.

Step 2. Submit it to Bravo Your City editors, who will accept or decline your story. They may edit grammar and spelling, but they try to retain your voice and style.

Step 3. Accepted stories are published on our homepage and can be curated into Microguides. 

Write a story


Show off your stories in a mini-magazine format!

Publish stories on Bravo Your City and put them all in one visually pleasing, shareable format.

It's for:
Bloggers who want to reach a wider audience.
Restaurants that want a visual menu.
Artists who want to make a portfolio of their work and talk about their process.
Writers who want to collect clippings into one place.

Everyone's doin' it!

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Have more questions? Check out the FAQ for answers.
If you don’t find what you’re looking for, get in touch with us: info@bravoyourcity.com.