Cobb Mountain view at sunset from The Bungalow deck
The Tallman Hotel Patio
Colorful and Inviting Blue Wing Saloon and Restaurant
view of Upper Lake historic town from Blue Wing Patio
The Bungalow Bed and Breakfast view from the lake dock

Lake County is a “wonderland of natural and rural beauty.” The lake itself is the largest freshwater lake in California and one of the oldest lakes in the United States. The serene back country, off-the-beaten-path feel of this remote spot takes you out of the fast paced hustle and bustle of the Bay Area. But for all you foodies and true luxury lovers, if camping and mediocre food is not for you, fear not, you won’t be disappointed with these finds.

Bungalow Bed and Breakfast (Clear Lake Oaks)- A beautifully refinished Craftsman with old school charm that sits right on the lake with sweeping decks and views of Cobb Mountain, kayaks, a hot tub and intimate breakfasts. The gracious owners are dedicated to their guests and have created a tried and true lakefront oasis.

Tallman Hotel (Upper Lake)- Along the historic main street of Upper Lake, you’ll step back in time and marvel at the sweetly preserved buildings of this pioneer town. I didn’t stay at the Tallman, but I poked inside and caught a glimpse of the clean and fresh decor. This exquisitely re-done Victorian hotel, with its old world porches, friendly owners and luxurious touches capture a true down to earth yet decadent feel.

Blue Wing Restaurant and Saloon- Sit outside at this colorful cafe in Upper Lake (attached to the Tallman Hotel) where the orange California poppy studded deck and inviting outdoor patio is the perfect spot for people watching. On a hot day, dig into a plate of fish tacos, generous sized main course salad or a juicy burger, sit back, sip some iced tea and gaze around this sweet little enclave of redone buildings while imagining what life was like in Lake County decades ago.

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