Amoreira Surf

by Oisin Joyce 80 months ago

Amoreira Beach on the Algarve's west coast provides one of the most incredible natural backdrops for surfing. Cliffs rise up above the left point break that are simply majestic and their rugged outer edge is strewn with the scars of time, featuring fissures, blowholes and sea caves.

The right point of the beach is formed from an ancient volcanic protrusion that juts out into the sea like a fractured ebony spear. This entire side of the shore is populated by strange rock formations created eons ago by the rapid cooling of flowing lava currents.

There is also a sand bar and beach break with more shallow and gentle waves landing in the centre of the beach, giving the local surf school and beginners a comfortable zone to catch some waves both left and right.

In ideal conditions rides on the left-hander can be fairly lengthy and it doesn't take long to become totally enamoured by the spectacular surroundings. With a complete absence of crowds and consistently good swell, Amoreira is a little slice of surfing heaven.