Let’s not mince around with words here: the Westin Austin Downtown is cool. Like, has a silent disco class cool. Rockstar cool. You know the vibe we’re getting at?

You’ll find it one block away from the Convention Center near the Entertainment District jutting out of the sky proudly, a shimmering tower of steel and city lights.

While it has all of the premium amenities you’ve come to expect in luxury hotels like an on-site fitness studio and full-service restaurant/bar, we love to love the Westin because of its commitment to fun. Fun is an element that is unfortunately often overlooked in hotels’ journey to keep customers relaxed and happy, which is exactly why it’s so greatly appreciated when done well. The hotel also offers a “Guitar Rockstar” package that not only provides you with your very own in-room guitar upon arrival but also grants VIP access to a blues club, private guitar lessons on the rooftop, and gets you the chance to play live with a local band on-stage at one of Austin’s famous music venues.

Another equally playful yet lavish experience is the “Mermaids Above Austin” that teaches guests how to be a mermaid. It even includes a makeover, tail and photography if you can even believe it, making it one of the only places we’ve ever come across that literally makes dreams come true. So go ahead and frolic your merry heart out at Azul, the city’s tallest hotel rooftop bar, that eagerly awaits. We won’t tell anyone.

Photos courtesy of Westin Austin Downtown