About Diana Tsuchida

by Diana Tsuchida 71 months ago

After eight years and three states later, I realized that a peculiar joy of mine is to start over in new places. I love going to a city where no one knows me; the thought of starting fresh is one of the most exhilarating feelings that fuels my desire to meet people, eat the regional food and try new ventures.

I run, walk and do jumping jacks so I can eat. I'm fairly convinced that half of the reason I moved to New York was for the food. I love sharing in the communal joy of eating and dining out. My favorite moments are when I completely hijack my friends' and family's freedom to dig in by insisting on taking pictures of their dishes. That and ordering dessert.

Talking to people, discovering their stories and writing them down defines my life's passion. There's nothing I value more than finding the heart of what makes people tick, and especially in the Big Apple, everyone has something truly compelling to share.

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