About Jenna Chan

by Jenna Chan 73 months ago
With a tiny dessert at Chez Serge in Carpentras, France
Jenna in Hong Kong
Jenna with a beer in London, England
Fish and chips in St. Andrews, Scotland

Recently moved to San Francisco, Jenna Chan is a twenty-something research chemist-turned-writer. Born in Singapore, raised in Texas, and schooled and employed in California, she is a woman of curiosity, open-mindedness, adaptability, and resilience. An enthusiastic globetrotter, Jenna has visited major cities across the United States and many parts of Europe and Asia.

Among Jenna's passions, aside from writing and travel, are food, fashion, and health and wellness. Having been a staff writer for two consumer print magazines in Singapore, her ultimate ambition is to become a full-time writer for a major lifestyle publication in the United States.

When Jenna isn't writing, traveling, eating, or daydreaming, she reads (her favorite author is George Orwell), cooks, goes for long walks in San Francisco, and watches The Food Network and Star Trek reruns.

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