Bite Me Cheesecakes

by Diana Tsuchida 61 months ago
Strawberry Basalmic, Apple Caramel & Merlot Compote

Forget everything you know about the New York cheesecake. Carnegie Deli, Junior's and your local diner that boasts they have the "Best cheezecake this side of the Hudson!" You haven't tasted anything until you've sunk your teeth into a Merlot Compote or Strawberry Basalmic Reduction from the Bite Me gang. The tad pricey but completely worthwhile dessert indulgence will be the best caloric choice of your life (I say this with the utmost seriousness).

For 9 dollars, you can pick three flavors that range from Limoncello Meringue to Sweet Potato Rum Crunch to a Chocolate Lust. What makes this cake stand out is the textured cookie crust that holds together a rich creaminess of sweet flavored cakes that give any other traditional cake a run for their money. You get a good three to four bites out of each one, so don't fear that what you're literally getting is a one-bite-fits-all deal.

Be forewarned that a Bite Me cake is like a potato chip--you seriously can't stop at one.

Find them every weekend at Smorgasburg in Brooklyn slinging these puppies from 11-6.

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