Bobo Cafe

by misanaoko 88 months ago
Don't miss out on the cau lau, whatever you do.

Probably my favorite eating spot in Hoi An, Cafe Bobo is a casual family run hole-in-the-wall. If you're not paying attention, you'll miss it - and that would be a tragedy. Bobo Cafe doesn't look like anything from the outside, and it has zero ambiance on the inside, but it somehow manages to produce some of the best food in Hoi An.

Eating at Bobo is actually like eating in someone's house, complete with an offering table, homey table and chair sets, and family members who pay minimal attention to you. The food tastes like a good home cooked meal, full of care and casualty, and what your Vietnamese mom would make you if you had one.

Bobo has quite an extensive menu, complete with all your favorite Hoi An specialties and then some. They make the best banh xeo, crispy pancake, and I'm also a big fan of their cau lau and stir fried spinach and garlic. The no frills atmosphere means that prices are comically low, letting you feast like kings for almost nothing.

On the outskirts of Le Loi street, this is the place to go for a cheap, hearty, tasty meal.

18 Le Loi