Camden Lock Village

by Oisin Joyce 119 months ago

The entrance to Camden Lock Village Market is located directly across the street from Camden Lock Market Hall (look out for the narrow gateway that merges with Camden High Street).

Situated alongside the Regent’s Canal, this newly renovated market area was previously known as the Canal Market until it was destroyed by a major fire in spring 2008. A little over a year later, and after a complete overhaul, the trading zone was reopened as Camden Lock Village.

Upon entering you are first met by the calls of the street food vendors whose stalls are guarded by a huge but friendly looking statue of a lion. There is a small seating area at the canal’s edge where you can enjoy your food while watching the swans and ducks swim by.

Continuing on down the alley, you will find that the rest of the market spreads out into a network of over 500 individual stalls; selling not just clothing and jewellery but everything, from Cuban cigars and empty cigar cases to musical instruments, and works of art created with engraved glass and other interesting materials.

As one of the town’s six main markets, Camden Lock Village boasts enough variety that you never really know what you might find once you start to explore.