Collectibles at Camden Lock

by Kerry Lee 83 months ago
The Camden Guitars Shop
Vintage record clocks
Vintage records
Bargain leather bags
Colorful throws

When I had a stroll through Camden Lock Market for the first time last month, I was struck by the variety of musical accoutrements on offer. There was a nice blend of market stalls and shops to cater for any enthusiasts of older rock, punk and pop music, and I particularly enjoyed having a browse through some of the vintage records on sale in one stall.

If you would like to go straight to the instrumental source, the Camden Guitars shop in turn specializes in brand new and rare second hand guitars by established and unusual (vintage) brands, as well as stocking a wide selection of other instruments depending on what your musical occasion calls for.

For any who are simply admirers and appreciators of the vintage music scene, check out the cool selection of LP and EP record clocks in pristine condition. You can pick your favorite artist(s) to hang stylishly on your wall back home, or simply choose to buy one for a friend.

Other wares that caught my eye included the vibrant, funky and vast array of throws that were very reasonably-priced: one for £10 or two for £15. There were lots of good deals on leather bags too, satisfying even the most dedicated of bargain hunters.