Integral to the history of Kilmallock is the 13th century Collegiate Church dedicated to Saint Peter and Saint Paul, which has solemnly stood on the southern bank of the River Lubagh for over 800 years.

Connected to the building is an original round tower thought to have already been in place before the construction of the church and probably dates from the 10th or 11th century.

The name Kilmallock originates from the prophetic figure Naomh Mocheallóg (Saint Malachy) who established a monastery here in the 7th century, the site of which was moved to the current location of the Collegiate Church during the 11th century.

Interestingly Kilmallock is one of the only towns in Ireland that owes its namesake to a monastic settlement. Much later when the Collegiate Church was built, it housed a college of clerics who were unlike monks in the sense that they did not have to follow a strict code of rules.

Located within the parameters of the town's fortified walls, this site once served as the local graveyard and features ancient gravestones, many of which are inscribed with dates from the 1600s.