Breakfast is by far the most important meal of the day; it's on par with convivial company and a steady flow of coffee in terms of maintaining happiness. Finding a gem of a place that can deliver all three in one shabby yet smart package is a little like happening upon a discarded bottle of the elixir of life.

Brunch at Creperie du Monde does have a life-boosting quality about it for me. So much so that I'm fairly loathe to share the secret but I guess selfishness isn't very conducive happiness either.

Take a trip to the Creperie on a Sunday; you'll need time to take in your surroundings, decide on hat to have from the very impressive menu, to read the papers, chat about world events, and then to wander around the stalls of Chatsworth Road Market.

Aesthetics can make a huge difference to the enjoyment of a good brunch and the designers at the Creperie have achieved that fabulously fine line that allows a stripped back, slightly ramshackle place to appear stylish and considered. The boarded floors, printed labels, jars of ingredients and open kitchen give the impression of dining in a very cool friend's place.

Crepes come in sweet and savoury, then for the really sweet tooth there's waffles with an assortment of toppings, and then omelettes for a thoroughly savoury brunch. There isn't any scrimping on treats here either; Our Brunch Favourite, a crepe filled with scrambled eggs, hollandaise, asparagus and smoked salmon is heavy on the smoked salmon. As a nod to the international nature of the menu which incorporates things like Caribbean, Mexican, and Parisian crepes, each order is assigned a little cup with the name of a worldwide city on it which make for an interesting conversation point.

The Creperie is another local east London coffee champion with their beans coming from local roastery Climpson & Son. The staff know how to handle the beans and steamer to whip up a perfectly delectable brew to wash down the hefty plates.

Great food can be maligned quite brutally if the vibe is missing but The Creperie have achieved the elusive in creating a lively yet relaxing brunch place that attracts a great crowd. There's always a good pile of Sunday papers going spare if you're dining alone.