If you can make it to this settlement for a quick (or long, you won't want to stop eating) meal, it will certainly be worth your while!

While Yeruham is not known as a tourist destination -- it's purely residential with almost no restaurants that seat more than 10 people -- the community saw a desire to bring visitors in and created a program that feeds, educates, and entertains travelers.

Women whose children have left home host travelers in their homes for home-cooked meals -- some of the best in Israel! They generate the hospitality industry out of their homes while telling guests about their culture and background while educating through recipes. Morocco and Yemen are two countries that many Yeruham settlers came from, and tasting their traditional dishes combined with Israeli recipes is quite a treat!

While a hostess gift is not expected, it can be nice to bring your cook a bottle of (kosher) wine or flowers.

Don't forget to exchange emails with your hostess so you can recreate recipes at home!

The Culinary Queens also self-published a cookbook (with an English translation) that is not only nice to have, but makes for a great gift to bring home and show your unique experience. Ask your hosting culinary queen for an autograph, of course!