by misanaoko 93 months ago

Daikokuya is, without a doubt, the ramen love of my life. Though they have a few locations sprinkled throughout Los Angeles, I always frequent the Little Tokyo location. In fact, sometimes I invent reasons to be downtown just so I can eat there.

If you love ramen, you are going to become obsessed with this joint, and if you don’t like ramen, this place will turn you into a believer. Daikokuya’s ramen broth is pork based and amazingly flavorful. I always get the regular Daikokuya ramen, and it's both hearty and heavenly. The bowl is about the size of my head and is full of food – they don’t skimp on anything here. You’ll find loads of noodles, bamboo shoots, green onions, tender thin slices of pork, and a soft-boiled egg. For about $9, this dish will keep you full all day.

Though Daikokuya’s specialty is ramen, their other dishes are worth a go as well. I always order their gyoza, pan-fried Japanese-style dumplings, and many of their donburi, rice bowls are worth ordering as well. The pork bowl and eel bowl are my favorites. For the ultra hungry, the restaurant offers combos - which consist of the original Daikokuya ramen and one rice bowl of your choosing. If you’re feeling intense, add the kotteri flavor (broth made with the back fat of the pig) to your ramen.

The worst thing about Daikokuya is that everyone is Los Angeles seems to love it as much as I do. On any given day you can face a wait of up to an hour, making getting there early (or late) a necessity. The space is tiny, so it’s not ideal for big groups and you’ll most likely end up sitting at the counter. Daikokuya is also cash only, so make sure you’re wallet is properly stocked beforehand.