Shame on me for thinking of ice cream as generally belonging to chocolate, vanilla or strawberry categories.

Because ice cream is precisely one of those kinds of desserts that are so fantastical that they elude definition. This is something you learn quickly upon walking into Xanath Ice Cream, which prides itself on serving a variety of exotic ice cream flavors.

Located in the Mission District, Xanath not only houses unconventional (and organic) flavors like Saffron and Red Walnut Chocolate, but they're home to some simply gorgeous vanilla bean ice cream. You can see their devotion to vanilla throughout the store, which sells a variety of vanilla products ranging from beans to extracts—in fact, not only do they offer a Madagascar vanilla, but a Mexican vanilla bean flavor to boot. Just think of the possibilities.

What impressed me most, however, about this seemingly innocuous ice cream, was its absolutely luscious consistency. I've never quite had ice cream like this... in that it was just...extra thick and creamy. No exaggeration needed. Churned to perfection, the ice cream has a marvellous depth of flavor that's a clear testament to the integrity of the ingredients.

I got the Dutch chocolate (because I have an addiction, you see) and not only was it filled with the kind of chocolatey goodness that's never failed to remind me of my childhood, but it wasn't overwhelming. It was a subtle, rich chocolate without being too sweet, which is exactly the kind of thing the adult in me loves.

...As much of an 'adult' as I can be walking down the street unaware of ice cream on my nose, that is.