Gardner (Main) Stacks

by Chelsea Tiong 71 months ago

Located below Doe Library and connected to Moffitt via an underground tunnel, Main Stacks is a library most, if not all, undergraduate students will visit at least once. This library has been an essential resource to many of my research papers / projects and- though I personally haven't witnessed it- is the venue of the Dead Week "Naked Run." Main Stacks, of course, has an extensive collection of books and other publications available for your perusal, but what really stands out in my own memories is how reliable of a place to study it's been. The quiet, scholarly atmosphere, good lighting, and being surrounded by fellow focused students helps me to be productive when I'm reading, writing, or studying alone. If you're studying for an exam or finishing up a problem set with friends, it's highly recommended to take up a study space / study room where you can get privacy, spread out on a table, and work through concepts on a chalkboard.