Jessica DeCarlo Jewelry

by Diana Tsuchida 121 months ago
Hammered Collection
Hammered Hoops

Charm takes a human form in Jessica DeCarlo, a born and bred New Yorker and extremely talented jewelry designer whose simple, delicate and high quality accessories are the kind of splurge you give some serious consideration to as you pour over the array of sterling silver and 14 karat gold pieces. She carries a collection of simple yet unique designs, like thin silver arrows and necklaces made from a cross-section of a shell. This return to a nature-centric and minimalist art is a welcome breath of fresh air in the concrete jungle.

Making jewelery since she was 12, Jessica always knew this is what she wanted to do and her passion couldn't be anymore authentic. She and her team work out of a studio in Dumbo, Brooklyn, where the days are filled with loud hammering indicative of a welding shop. She proudly declares, "We don't mess around." Who would have known such delicate twig necklaces, spiraled earrings and light, dainty hoops were made by way of some serious force?

Jessica's work is in stores all over NYC, nationwide, and online. If you'd like to meet this delightful designer herself visit the Brooklyn Flea where she sells every Sunday 10-5.