Warm Sweet Potato Pie
Chicken and Waffles
Juicy Fried Chicken
Reggie Jackson: Porkchops
Pie Galore

Hidden in the midst of a residential area, Lois the Pie Queen is a restaurant that gives a very homey feel, perfect for the soul food and desserts they serve. We came in for lunch and tried the famous fried chicken and waffle, the Reggie Jackson (2 pork chops, eggs, hash browns, and biscuits), and the sweet potato pie.

The fried chicken was juicy and flavorful. The order comes with two pieces of fried chicken and a waffle. The chicken cuts off easily to be placed onto the waffle because of its tenderness, but I thought the syrup is what makes this combination of a waffle and fried chicken perfect. Their syrup is not too sweet and actually has a different consistency than most other syrups. Before ordering, make sure to plan to wait about 20-30 minutes for them to make your fried chicken! The server will make sure to remind you, just in case you are limited on time.

The Reggie Jackson comes in a very large portion. The pork chops had a very peppery taste, but the biscuits that came with this combination make the Reggie Jackson worth the pick. The biscuits were homemade, warm, and fluffy.

Among their large selection of pies, we chose to try the sweet potato pie. I think it tasted like pumpkin pie but with less of the cinnamon flavor. Nonetheless, whichever pie you choose to try, I am more than sure that it will not disappoint, especially after having such a large portions of brunch beforehand. If you are too stuffed, be sure to at least bring a slice home! The service here is great. This is a very nice brunch place, and keep in mind they close early on weekdays!

Monday to Friday 8:00 am - 2:00 pm
Saturday 7:00 am - 3:00 pm
Sunday 7:00 am - 4:00 pm