Paris Chic

by Kerry Lee & Oisin Joyce 120 months ago

For any fashionistas in pursuit of that au courant abode in the ultimate centre de la mode, Paris Chic could just be the right fit. This amorous studio has been stylishly tailored with the Parisian suite in mind, evoking a boutique-like quality - similar in ways to the minimalistic technique that is sewn into the décor of Serene Caulaincourt - utilizing the space, or lack of clutter to accentuate the collection of furnishings that do inhabit it.

The French art of promoting simple but elegant couture is brought to the forefront here, manifested in the way each room is decorated predominantly with bare, neutral colors that are subtly glamorized through floral and patterned accessories with brighter tones of red, green, yellow and orange. Even those inattentive to matters of fashion, art and interior design could appreciate the end result.

Indulge in gourmet heaven:
You are wonderfully located on rue du Poteau amongst some of the most appetizing, artistically-presented edibles that you may ever feast your eyes upon. La Charcuterie de Montmartre offers an overwhelming range of cooked and uncooked produce; from the crab, lobster and prawn salads (imaginatively prepared so that each looks like a different sea creature), to various types of olive, raw sausage, and even a gigantic bowl of chocolate mousse. Whole, free-range chickens and red meats can be bought at Boucherie Pinon, while at Les Halles de Montmartre, a multicolored array of ripe, luscious fruit, nuts and veggies will equally tantalize your taste-buds. Patisserie el Baraka is a lovely middle eastern-style bakery to avail of, and you must sample a cheese from the award-winning Fromagerie Quatrehomme. Whatever your culinary preferences are, whether its eating out in one or more of the top notch eateries in the area, or preparing a romantic dinner for two in your apartment (which comes fully equipped with all the essentials to cook like the French), you are sure to experience l'art de la cuisine française.

Learn the secrets of French cuisine:
Cook’n With Class provide a morning and evening market class where you are given a guided tour of the local food markets by a professional chef, who will teach you how to shop, cook and eat as the Parisians do, selecting the best seasonal produce and introducing you to some of the local merchants. Afterwards, the class will return to the school and cook a three course meal, French-style.

The choice is yours:
Located near the northern entrance of Montmartre, (no more than a fifteen minute walk from Serene Caulaincourt and Caulaincourt Classique on the west side, Clair de Lune and the French Kiss apartment of equal distance to the east, and the Clignancourt flea market further north), creates an abundant list of places to visit in this protected historical neighborhood alone. The Jules Joffrin metro is very close, supplying quick transportation to a world class cabaret at Le Moulin Rouge (or some of the attractions in Paris center). Anyone with a passion for fashion, art, theater or film won't venture far.