Ramen Seas: Seafood Delight

by Randy F 102 months ago
Shrimp Tempura
Shio Ramen
Asari (Clam) Ramen with Add-On Egg and Chasyu Pork
Perfectly Cooked Soft-Boiled Egg
Chasyu with Egg

#3 Ramen Seas

Ramen Seas is the latest in a line of authentic ramen establishments that have opened on the Peninsula. Located on Murphy Avenue, in the heart of downtown Sunnyvale, Ramen Seas has taken the familiar ramen formula of delectable soup broths, delicious toppings, and perfectly soft-boiled eggs and made it their own.

Their spin on ramen, as is evident in their name, is their seafood ramen. Offering two signature types, both their asari (or clam) and seafood ramen (with clams and oyster) are formed by a tonkotsu, or pork-bone, broth. Noodles, seaweed, and vegetables then compliment the rich soup broth and seafood toppings.

Interestingly, in Japan, most clam or seafood dishes are paired more traditionally with the shio, or salt, based broth. But the combination works perfectly at Ramen Seas. The rich tonkotsu broth is flavorful, but also full of clam aroma and flavor that somehow never is overwhelmed as much as by the rich pork flavor as one would expect.

Two other highlights of Ramen Seas worth mentioning are their soft-boiled egg and their chasyu, or pork belly, slices. The preparation of both is top notch and truly add to the ramen experience. While many shops have cold or over-cooked soft boiled eggs, the ones here are perfectly warm and runny - a wonderful treat whether paired with the ramen or with the chasyu pork side dish. The chasyu pork is similarly well done. Two thick slices of slightly fatty but tasty pork slices are available as an add-on to any dish and the preparation is spot-on.

Overall, I was quite impressed by my first visit to Ramen Seas and wholeheartedly give it a recommendation for any ramen aficionado. As I told one person, I consider it a perfect stop on the Path to Ramen Enlightenment.