Bara Chirashi
Curry Katsu
American Kobe Style Beef
Shimi Saba

Marukai is the last of the three Japanese supermarket chains in the Bay Area following Mitsuwa and Nijiya.

An impressive presence in Southern California (with 9 locations), Marukai has a much smaller footprint in the Bay Area with their sole location being in Cupertino. The store front is neither as large as Mitsuwa market nor as conveniently located as the two Nijiya locations.

Nonetheless, what Marukai does have is a vast selection of fresh fish and also a very convenient selection of ready-made sushi and rice bowls perfect for the busy family or professional. On any given day, harder to find selections like saba shimi and bara chirashi flank curry katsu bowls and chicken karaage. If you're a fan of Japanese foods, it's hard to not find something to your liking.

Marukai also features a nice selection of pre-sliced meats perfect for shabu shabu (hot pot). While the American Kobe style beef may not be true "Kobe" wagyu beef, the marbling is nice and the flavor is solid. Ditto for the Kurobata pork that is also thinly sliced for quick cooking.

If you're searching for a quality Japanese market and you happen to be in the Cupertino area, Marukai is a great choice.