Jumbo Ice cream
Great cycling in Tamsui
Just in case!
Old British merchant houses
Banyan trees

If you take the MRT red line all the way to the last stop north, then you arrive at a nice riverside town - Tamsui ( 淡水 - pronounced as Danshui).

A convenient 30 minute MRT ride, Tamsui (which means 'fresh' is more popular with Taipei residents than tourists - who usually stop at Beitou station for the hot springs. Exiting the MRT station you are already at the riverside and there are so many holiday activities to do in Tamsui:

- Get one of the impossibly tall ice creams, which require a stable balance and fast eating.
- Take a stroll along the riverside and look out for herons hovering over the river.
- Rent a bicycle and cycle with the fresh sea air in your hair.
- Shop on the main street for souvenirs and snack on traditional street foods.
- Have lunch or a drink at a one of the fancy riverside cafes.
- Explore the former British Merchant Warehouse (It used to be a tea storage warehouse, and then bought by Shell oil company who eventually donated it back to the local government).
- Hug one of the impressive Banyan trees balancing on the riverside.
- Take the ferry to Bali (not in Indonesia but the other shore).
- Visit Fort San Domingo built in 1644 by the Spanish.
- Head back to the riverside and watch the impressive sunset!

If the evening is chilly, then take the MRT to 北投 Beitou station and hop in a hot spring for a few hours before heading back to your hotel. Beitou hot spring is a cheap and popular natural hot spring. It's mixed, so bring your swim suit (no naked bathing here), or buy one there. They are open until 11 pm, and it's less crowded in the evening!