The Coral Strand

by Oisin Joyce 87 months ago
It's easy to pull over and relax for a moment
The coral forms a golden, grainy sand
Crushed coral from an ancient seafloor
Musician finds the solace to compose

The Coral Strand attracts scores of daily visitors throughout the year. Small in size, it is certainly a humble beach in comparison with Galway’s other sandy specimens. Nonetheless, tourists and locals alike are drawn to the strand not only for its unique sand, formed from the fragments of crushed coral, but also because of the incredible tranquility and serenity one feels here.

Situated beside the main road from Ballyconneely to Clifden, this beach offers the ideal location for passers by to spontaneously pull over and take a mini beach excursion, or spend a quiet moment by the shore.

Some people come to enjoy a brave dip in the icy, clear waters. Others bring a kayak or two. Then, there are those who simply like to find a private rock and draw inspiration from the surrounding natural beauty. No matter what your activity level is, all visitors to the Coral Strand are sure to leave feeling influenced by the peaceful atmosphere of this sheltered, golden cove.