Sometimes the simplest dishes are the best. This was definitely true for me when, over the course of a two week trip to Mexico that covered four different states and a number of excellent restaurants, my most memorable meal was cooked right in front of me over a coal stove in a busy market. And what was this delicacy? Tlayuda de flor de calabaza con quesillo made at a small stall run by a trio of busy women.

One presses balls of corn dough in a little tortilla press, another lifts them onto a concave earthenware plate heated from below by the coals and then arranges the creamy local string cheese and fresh squash blossoms on it, and then folds the whole thing in half to cook. The third woman takes orders, picks up drinks from a nearby stall, and takes your money. About 20 Pesos, if I remember correctly. It was salty and gooey on the inside, crisp on the outside, and I didn't want it to end!